When it comes to IT, I'm the guy you need!

Being in IT doesn't mean I know everything, it just means I know a lot of things about most things :-b

Linux Support

I'm here to answer any Linux related qustions

Ceiling Fan
Windows Support

I can help support any Windows 7/10 related issues questsions

Generator Set
Machine Backup

I can make sure your machine is backed up safe at a decent cost

Windows Server Support

Need a DC configured or having server issues I can help with that

LED Bulb
IP Security Cameras

You need some security cameras installed or assistance I'm the guy

Electric Insurance
Any other IT Issues

Being in IT means I can work through almost any problems/issues

Why Choose Me


Here are some reasons (-:


I've been doing IT for over 5 years

24x7 Support

I'm always there when you need me

Low Cost

I try to keep my prices competitive

Location :

Toledo, OH, USA

Phone :
(419) 419-5464